Peer to peer Communication
  Steganography & Image Processing System [SIPS]  
  Web Enabled Marketing and Customer Service  
  Global Logistics Tracking System  
  Human Resource Management System  
  BLUETooth Enabled Remote Java Media Player  
  Biometrically secured e-mail client and file Transfer  
  Smart College  
  Tele Medicine  
  Access Control Monitoring System  
  Captcha for Blinds  
  Image Spam  
  Wireless Virtual Network Computing  
  DNA Using Grid  
  Social Networking  
  Remote File Storing in Mobile  
  Remote Desktop  
  Training Tracker  
  Global Information System  
  Video Streaming Using Cell Phone with Security  
  Remote Backup System  
  Wireless Tracking System  
  Vehicle Identification System  
  District Collectorate Office - Information Integration